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Dear Reader, please note, that, as of July 2021, She Noted is undergoing deep construction. I am slowly working on updating and uploading all of the original content, meaning that some articles will be available but missing images and links at the moment. Other articles formerly available may not be live until later on in the month. It’s snail’s work, but worth it. Once I’ve restored all of my old content, I’ll be adding newer posts over time to do with my many interests and I do hope you’ll enjoying reading these. You can now find my blog here via As ever, it’s lovely to have you join me. Please refer to my Instagram @she_noted for regular updates or my Facebook page @shenoted for daily blog posts.

She Noted, AKA, Chloe Martin.

Prince Albert: Patron & Collector – Taste, Influence and Personal Preference

In 19th century England the fact remained that Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, consort to Queen Victoria, was a ‘foreign’ German prince1. Parliament had been cautious, reigning in Prince Albert’s allowance of Royal privileges, one of which included holding back the title ‘Prince Consort’ and another saw the strings to the royal purse being…

The Omega Workshops Ltd. – Objects and Interiors

In the introductory article, we went over the principles on which the Omega Workshops Ltd. were founded. I feel that the best way to trace development in the decorative arts is to explore how forming principles were practically applied. To that end, we’re going to use Bloomsbury and Omega styled interiors and objects as a…

Beginning With Beatrix Potter & Beswick

Within the short span of the week, egged on by a wink from this month’s pay packet, I’ve found myself to have accumulated quite the collection of Beswick. Starting out as a novice, this is mostly for my sheer love of porcelain and, of course, a love affair with a few choice childhood titles by…

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