Illustration by She Noted

Cheering scribbles served with a dose of storybook charm…

As a purveyor of custom illustration, I’m mostly inspired by storybooks from childhood and am a firm believer that life ought to be as bright as possible. Portraits are my pleasure and I try to capture a unique sense of character in all that I do. I’d call my style loosey-goosey and charmingly whimsical, with plenty of amateur homespun appeal thrown in for good measure. If anything catches your eye, do get in touch (details further down – go on, you know you want to). 

About the Illustrator

I studied Art History with English Literature at University and have a real fondness for art and storytelling. By day, I work in the realm of social media, copywriting and content – keeping my toe dipped in with limitless creativity, different communities and engagement. Growing up, I read lots of wonderful picture books and can see why Alice was pushed to say “I’m sorry, but how can one possibly pay attention to a book with no pictures in it?”. I’m a strong advocate for doing what you love and growing goodness. Because that’s we all need, really. Oftentimes, the world can feel a little chaotic; all a bit confusing. That’s why I’ve always been interested in what makes people happy – in their passions and projects.  Happily, my own mission in life involves illustration and putting a smile on your face through bursts of creativity.  In doing what you love and sharing it for the good, we’re all creating a greater culture of kindness – and that’s something that ought to be celebrated, wholeheartedly. At the heart of all work is the little voice telling you that you’re wonderful.

Custom Commissions

  • Pet Portraits
  • Big Family Illustrations
  • Wedding Day Pictures
  • Couple Snaps
  • Old Family Photos
  • Favourite Characters
  • & More…

These are just a few of the things that I am able to illustrate for you. Turnaround for commissions is 1-3 days for a digital file (which can be used to have your own mugs, prints and t-shirts, etc. printed) or 7+ days in the UK for a physical print delivered to your door.

Just give me a bell via and we can have a chat about your particulars.

Etsy Store

Short on time? My Etsy store has a couple of pre-made commissions that you can add to your basket.

Custom Happiest Day Ever Couple’s Illustration

Custom Whole Lotta Love Couple’s Illustration

On Facebook & Instagram

You can drop me a message directly on my Facebook page if you are looking to have a portrait or illustration commissioned. I’m more than happy to talk through your options with you and you can have a look at the latest reviews from happy customers.

I try to keep my Instagram for Barley Rye Illustration updated with the latest commissions, shared with you with permission.

With illustration, community is everything and it means the world when you like my pages and posts – so don’t be a stranger, it’s always lovely to hear from you and I’ll always share my gratitude.

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